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Adidas Tubular Runner Prime Knit "Black Carbon"

  • 21000

The adidas Tubular Runner is back and more enhanced than the original release. If you loved the tubular the first time then you are going to love the adidas Tubular PrimeKnit even more. When you look at the Tubular PrimeKnit you may notice the resemblance to the Forum with the leather Panel design.

The Tubular PrimeKnit is fitted with a fitted upper and a boastful midsole to provide premium comfort and style. A sleek PrimeKnit upper with a comforting feel all around your foot provides the shoe with great breathability and the enhanced heel cup holds you in place.

The adidas PrimeKnit Tubular is a juxtaposition of street and sport, casual and cool, and gives you the perfect look you could ever want out of a sneaker.

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